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About Us

Who We Are

Te Papatipu Matihiko a collective of well-established and experienced Māori organisations who have come together to support transformational change amongst ākonga and the adults who support them. We are forward-thinking and committed to empowering ākonga through the integration of Te Ao Māori and Digital Technologies. Our aim is to cultivate a collaborative learning community that fosters creativity, inclusivity, and cultural respect, enabling ākonga to excel and thrive in the digital and creative tech ecosystem.


Our mission at Te Papatipu Matihiko is to empower and inspire rangatahi through transformative education that integrates Te Ao Māori and Digital Technologies. We are committed to fostering a collaborative learning community and nurturing the holistic growth of our taiohi, preparing them to successfully navigate dynamic digital landscapes while preserving the
rich cultural heritage of Aotearoa.

Te Papatipu Matihiko, a non-profit, is a collective of Māori organisations made up of Victory UpDigital Natives AcademyNative Tech and Native Industries who together are focused on creating local hubs equipped with cutting-edge technology to support the educational, personal and career development of ākonga at risk of disengaging from education completely.

Founded on Te Ao Māori principles, our digital tech hubs aim to serve as vibrant learning spaces where ākonga can engage in culturally responsive, tailored educational experiences with a digital and creative tech focus. Our initiative is the result of a collective effort by Māori educators, tech innovators, curriculum specialists, and indigenous luminaries. Our goal is to rekindle the passion for learning among ākonga by providing them with digital and creative tech tools and resources that align with their unique needs and aspirations.

Te Papatipu Matihiko is committed to transforming the lives of ākonga and their whānau by offering a culturally respectful, high-tech learning environment in strategically located hubs.

These hubs are designed to help ākonga develop both soft and hard skills, with a focus on self-awareness, self-esteem, and exploring career paths in digital and creative technology. By doing so, we aim to ensure that ākonga are globally competitive yet deeply connected to their local communities, whānau, hapū, iwi and marae.

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