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Te Papatipu Matihiko (TPM), is an inspired collective of tūturu Māori organisations, made up of mātauranga Māori practitioners, innovators and educators who see what doesn’t work in mainstream education and created a positive alternative to those who don’t fit the one size fits all. Providing a culturally responsive and holistic approach to learning in a digital context. Integrating technology into education and finding innovative ways to deliver hands-on experiences which allow people to explore the digital space.

“Our aspirations are to reignite a love for learning and life, support in the journey of self-identity and to prepare our ākonga for greatness. While the focus is on digital, Mātauranga Māori is the foundation of our kaupapa. It’s a Māori pedagogy because it’s revolutionary focused and we’re optimising learning,” explains Henry Lawton, Chair of Te Papatipu Matihiko.

78% of rangatahi play video games online and esports is a fantastic example of an engagement tool by taking the values of traditional sports and applying it in a digital font. Utilising that as an opportunity to re-engage rangatahi, regardless of the fact that many may not continue to follow this path, being given the opportunity is more important.

TPM delivers a range of flexible and adaptable programmes, delivered in both Te Reo Māori and English, providing a bilingual space for learning. The programmes are co-constructed, the delivery caters to individual needs, empowering kaiako and students alike. Providing engaging and innovative content that supports learning and further development. 

“Being in a collaborative space allows rangatahi to better understand the skills needed to work in a digital environment (leadership, communication, team building). Creating safe spaces so people have a place to go, whakawhanaungatanga – valuing people as individuals and welcoming them into our community. This allows participants the space and time to grow and find themselves in their space,” says Potaua Biasiny-Tule, TPM Trustee.

One of the biggest barriers we see is equitable access to high-end tech and high speed internet. By creating and opening multiple tech hubs around Aotearoa, not only are we able to address those barriers but we are able to bring opportunities to the regions we are in and deliver it to the people who need it the most.

Especially the demographic who are most likely to be excluded digitally, Māori and Pasifika, they’ll be afforded the opportunity to create, upskill, and simply get amongst the digital space in ways they may have never thought possible. There’s a clear need for accuracy and exposure, so being able to inspire not only our rangatahi but also their wider communities. This will ensure the fundamental skills to work in the digital space will be learned and shared. 

He waka eke noa! Na mātau, nā Te Papatipu Matihiko.

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