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Step into the dynamic world of gaming and teamwork with TPM's exhilarating Esports Programme. Designed to ignite a passion for learning through interactive experiences, our Esports Programme offers rangatahi the chance to immerse themselves in various esports titles while honing essential skills in collaboration, communication, and strategic thinking.

This Course Includes

  • Coaching and Teamwork:
    • Unleash your gaming potential as our expert coaches guide you through the art of strategic gaming. Sharpen your skills, perfect your moves, and master the tactics that lead to glorious victories. Team up with like-minded gamers, and together, forge an unstoppable force of camaraderie and collaboration.
  • Friendly Competitions:
    • Brace yourself for epic showdowns and friendly battles! Join thrilling Esports tournaments where you'll face off against other talented teams. The excitement is real, the adrenaline rush is palpable, and the friendships you'll make along the way will last a lifetime.
  • Digital World Exploration:
    • Step into a digital universe like no other, where virtual realms come to life and the possibilities are endless. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge gaming technologies and platforms that push the boundaries of entertainment and education.
  • Empowering Skill Development:
    • Level up your talents with Esports, and witness how this thrilling adventure empowers you beyond the gaming realm. Enhance your critical thinking, decision-making, and communication skills — valuable assets that will serve you in all facets of life.

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