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Oranga Matihiko



Elevate your role as an educator with TPM's transformative Oranga Matihiko Programme. This dynamic professional learning and development (PLD) initiative empowers you to excel in delivering Te Ao Māori and Digital Technologies while providing expert guidance on NCEA assessment standards for student success.


The Oranga Matihiko Programme offers an unparalleled opportunity to elevate your teaching practice, fusing Te Ao Māori and Digital Technologies to empower and captivate your students. By enrolling in this programme, you'll gain knowledge, confidence, and a wealth of resources to cultivate an inclusive, culturally responsive, and future-ready learning environment, propelling your students towards NCEA excellence.

This Course Includes

  • Te Ao Māori Integration:
    • Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Te Ao Māori and master effective strategies for seamless integration into your teaching practice. Explore Māori perspectives, values, and practices, and learn to infuse them authentically within your classroom. Enhance your proficiency in te reo Māori, tikanga, and culturally responsive teaching methodologies.
  • Digital Technologies:
    • Embrace the future of education with Digital Technologies expertise. Discover innovative tools like coding, robotics, and digital design that bolster student learning and engagement. Acquire practical skills and proven strategies to empower your students in the dynamic digital landscape.
  • NCEA Assessment Support:
    • Unlock the art of effective assessment using our unique method, aligning seamlessly with official guidelines. Gain comprehensive insights into the NCEA assessment standards for Te Ao Māori and Digital Technologies. Learn how to craft meaningful and innovative assessments that nurture student growth and success.
  • Collaborative Learning Community:
    • Join a vibrant community of like-minded educators, passionate about Te Ao Māori and Digital Technologies. Engage in fruitful discussions, resource sharing, and valuable insights from fellow educators. Access continuous support, forge professional networks, and unlock boundless growth opportunities.

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