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Te Iwi Matihiko



Te Iwi Matihiko Programme is a transformative experience aimed at empowering young people and their whānau to reflect on and care for their own wellbeing, while also understanding the positive and negative impacts of digital spaces in their lives. Rooted in the core values of mana , manaaki , and kaitiakitanga , this programme provides a strong foundation for exploring and activating these values.


Te Iwi Matihiko addresses the profound impact of Covid-19 on our children's lives, providing them with essential tools to care for their own wellbeing. As the technology industry continues to grow rapidly, it is crucial for tamariki, rangatahi, and pakeke to develop digital literacy. Understanding the values that shape social interactions, staying safe online, and critical thinking are key components in empowering our whānau.

This Course Includes

Our transformative programme unfolds in three enriching workshops, catering to different age groups and aspects of digital wellbeing:

Workshop 01 - 1 Hour:

  • Ages: Tamariki/Rangatahi
  • Topics: Wellbeing, social media, staying safe, critical thinking, cyberbullying
  • Key Value: Mana (Respect)

Workshop 02 - 1.5 Hours:

  • Ages: Tamariki/Rangatahi
  • Topics: Wellbeing, sportsmanship, online gaming
  • Key Value: Manaaki (Caring for others)

Workshop 03 - 1 Hour:

  • Ages: Adults/Caregivers/Teachers/Whānau
  • Topics: Social media, gaming, wellbeing and staying safe, balance
  • Key Value: Kaitiaki (Acting as guardians)

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